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Siport21 is carrying out -in its Ship Manoeuvring
Simulation Center- the navigation studies for the extension of the Port of
Bastia (Corsica), which will allow increasing the capacity for cruises and
ferries access. This study is being carried out with the collaboration between a
local Pilot, technical staff from the Port, and the company SOFID, in charge of
the engineering…

The port-maritime engineering company, Siport21, carried out ship manoeuvring studies and navigation areas analysis to improve the access channel and the reorganization of Port of Pasaia. This project will allow taking future decisions for the exploitation of the port by the Port Authority.

aims of the project were to analyze the future extension of the current…

Following the current regulations of the Spanish Government, the Real-Time Ship Manoeuvring Simulation Center of Siport21 reopens their facilities this week.  Additionally, the company offers its clients the possibility to join real-time manoeuvring simulation sessions, using a live video streaming system.

order to adapt to the needs of their clients, Siport21 has set up this live

The port-maritime engineering company, Siport21, assessed the nautical feasibility of the Baleares dock of the Port of Tarragona. This study will allow the access of large cruise vessels, on phase I, and large bulkcarriers, on phase II of the construction.

The aim of the project was to analyse the extension of the port, from the point…

The shipping company, GasLog, has signed an annual contract to train their LNG carrier captains and officers in Siport21 Ship Simulation Centre. By this means, GasLog continues to focus on the safety of their crew, trusting the methodology applied by the Spanish company.

This agreement includes the development of real-time ship manoeuvring simulation training programmes in…

Based on the SME instrument of Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework Programme, the European Union has approved the investment for developing the first phase of  Smart System for the Evaluation and Control of Maritime Safety in Port Access and Operation, named as Safeport©.

Safeport© is designed to provide the port/terminal authority with decision-making tools…

Presented during the Workshop on Ship Collision Risk Assessment in Denmark
The port-maritime engineering company, Siport21, presents a methodology for the assessment of nautical risk in port areas which allows to estimate the probability of grounding or collision of the vessels in these areas.

This methodology, already used in port areas of Port Qasim (Pakistan), Açu (Brazil),…

Presented in XVI ATPYC Young Professionals Conference
When AIS Data are included in the optimization of navigable areas, it is possible to reduce the riskiest areas to navigation, according to the methodology applied by Siport21. This methodology was presented in XVI ATPYC Young Professionals Conference.

Traditionally, AIS data are used during maritime works, accident investigations, manoeuvres analysis…

Led by Port of Seville
The APS (Port Authority of Seville) has launched the AIRIS II-Synchro project, which has as main objective to integrate the synchromodality between sea and land transport (ships, trains and lorries) in the supervision of the waterway and the management of operations at the docks.
Up to 2022, the Port Authority will coordinate…

SIGTTO South American Forum
The Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) has invited Siport21 to present the feasibility studies for FLNG-Barge (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) installation at Mega Terminal in Bahia Blanca (Argentina) at 5th South American Regional Forum. It is the first installation using this technology in Latam. The project has been…

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