Authors: José R. Iribarren 1, Carlos Cal1, Luis López1, Adolfo Carlos Ibáñez2, Carlos Weis2, Jorge Zickermann3, Josu Murguialday3

1 Siport21. Chile, 8. 28290 Las Matas (Madrid, Spain)

2 YPF,

These projects present the methodology and main results of a wide set of studies requested by Repsol-Gas Natural LNG and YPF. The aim of…

The paper “New Lock at the Port of Seville. Detailed Analysis and Ship Manoeuvring Simulations” was developed in association with Esclusa Sevilla U.T.E. (building company) and Seville Port Authority. It consisted of a ship manoeuvring simulation study at the new lock to assess feasibility of ship operations and weather-current limits for each of the traffics…

 In association with WW–Consultores de Hidráulica e Obras Marítimas (Lisboa), Siport21 developed the study “Analysis of Ships Operations for the Cruises Berth of Port of Funchal (Madeira, Portugal)” for APRAM (Administração dos Portos da Região Autónoma da Madeira, Portugal). It consisted of a feasibility analysis for the construction of a new berth in an area…

The purpose of the study “New system for LNG Transfer using a FSRU (Bahia Blanca Terminal, Argentine)”, requested by Repsol-Gas Natural LNG, was the feasibility of FSRU mooring at Terminal Mega under extreme conditions. The assessment of maritime access to the Terminal by both a 138.000 m3 FSRU (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit) and a 138.000 m3 LNG carrier (to be moored ship-to-ship to the FSRU) and the analysis of the mooring conditions of both vessels were developed as well. This included the hydrodynamic effects of passing ships on the moored vessels.

The study “The New Asymmetric SDM Tug”, ordered by Reyser (Remolques y Servicios Marítimos, S.L.) and Seacor (Seabulk), was meant to accurately assess the capabilities of its new tugs. In order to do this, it was necessary to perform manoeuvring simulations with these escort tugs to test their ability to work in waves and be validated by a classification society.

MARIN Jubilee Meeting. (Wageningen (Holanda), 1992).

Tercera Conferencia Internacional de Ingeniería de Costas y Puertos en países en desarrollo COPEDEC III ( Mombasa (Kenia), 1991)

Tercera Conferencia Internacional de Ingeniería de Costas y Puertos en países en desarrollo COPEDEC III ( Mombasa (Kenia), 1991).

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