Berthing for LNG Carriers

Dynamic Analysis of the mooring conditions of a LNG Carrier at Pampa Melchorita (Peru)

Location: Pampa Melchorita (Peru)
Client: Peru LNG

The objective of this study was:

  • Analyze and optimize the mooring system of a LNG carrier at the LNG terminal Pampa Melchorita (Peru)
  • Confirm the compatibility of such ships with the designed berthing structures and evaluate the necessity to construct new structures or modify the existing ones
  • Assessment of operation conditions and downtime

The reference ship models were:

  • LNG Carrier 138.000 m3
  • LNG Carrier 165.000 m3
  • LNG Carrier 173.400 m3

Tools and Methodology

The analysis was conducted utilizing Ship-Moorings numerical model to estimate the motions and mooring loads under various swell conditions. A detailed study regarding local swell at berthing was conducted to evaluate its operability.The analysis was carried out following the methodology described by PIANC (International Navigation Association) as well as OCIMF.

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