Fast Ferries

Ship Manoeuvring Simulation for Fast-ferries in the Port of Tarifa

Location : Tarifa, Cadiz (Spain)
Client : Algeciras Bay Port Authority

Project Objectives

  • Assessment of traffic conditions for fast-ferries in the Port of Tarifa
  • Assessment of the facilitie’s operability and the safety of maritime access regarding to the dimensions of the navigation and manoeuvring areas.

The vessel’s reference models have been:

  • Fast-Ferry Catamaran (91 m length)
  • Fast-Ferry Catamaran ( 86 m length)

Tools and metholodogy

  • A Real-time Ship Bridge Simulator (MERMAID 500 model developed by MARIN-MSCN ,The Netherlands) was used. This tool is property of Siport21 and located in Madrid. This is the only privately-owned simulator of this kind in Spain.
  • The analysis was carried out following the methodology described by PIANC (International Navigation Association) as well as in Spanish Port Authority Recommendation ROM 3.1-99 “Maritime Recommendations for the Design of Port Access and Manoeuvring Areas”

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