Inland Waterways

Analysis of the influence of transverse currents on inland vessels

Alsace Grand Channel

Customer: Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau (BAW). Ministry of Public Works.

Location: Germany

Project Description

Siport21 was requested by Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau (BAW) to undertake a ship manoeuvring simulation study to analyze the navigation conditions in two locations in the Grand Canal of Alsace.New mooring structures for loading gravel on Class VIb push-tow units (185,00 m x 22,80 m) are planned at two locations in the Grand Canal of Alsace (Ottmarsheim (Rhine-km 194,550) and Fessenheim (Rhine-km 211,900).

Two  representative inland vessels were used:

  • Class IV (ES) Europe Ship, 82 m. length
  • Convoy SV (GMS) Large Motor Ship,   110 m. length

Tools and Methodology


    For this purpose, the manoeuvring numerical model SHIPMA is used. This is a numerical autopilot model for ship manoeuvring under the influence of wind, waves and current. It was developed by Delft Hydraulics and MARIN (The Netherlands). According to the request from BAW, a Real-time Ship Bridge Simulator (MERMAID 500 model developed by MARIN-MSCN (The Netherlands)) will be used. This tool is property of Siport21 and located in Madrid.

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