Detailed design of the manoeuvring areas combining real-time shiphandling simulators, multidisciplinary teams and Change Management

Siport21 designs manoeuvring areas using Real-Time Ship Manoeuvring Simulator and involving multidisciplinary teams and the Change Management of the most relevant factors in the operation of the Port. This methodology is continuously applied to their projects and it has been presented this morning in the Young Professionals Meeting of the Ports and Coastal Technical Association (ATPYC, Spain).

This process is carried out in the stage of the detailed design of the manoeuvring areas, in order to determine a more accurate design that will be safe and economical. To this aim, Real-time Manoeuvring Simulation is the most advanced tool to be used in this process. Therefore, precise operation limits, manoeuvring strategies and contingency plans can be elaborated.

For this purpose, a technical committee representing the main stakeholders in the project (Port Authority, Operators, Designers, Maritime Authority, Shipowners, Pilots, Tug Companies, …) is recommended to be created to participate in common workshops during the design process, in order to check input data and assumptions, survey the simulations, contribute to the discussions and finally validate the simulation results and include their opinions.

Finally, the detailed design is improved providing a high confidence level among all project participants, in particular Local Pilots.

This work methodology has been recently applied to Container Terminal TC Mariel in Cuba, where larger vessels than actual are planned to access the facilities.


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