Siport21 carries out nautical studies for the 70th LNG Terminal spread in 31 countries where they have worked

The maritime-port consultancy company, Siport21, has carried out a nautical feasibility assessment, requested by a Spanish energy company, for the installation of a Floating and Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) in Brazil. They have elaborated a maritime access study for the expected LNG fleet, ranging from 138.000 m3 to 178.000 m3. This new project will add to 70 LNG Terminals -39 FSRU and 3 FLNG- spread in 31 countries where the company has already worked.

LNG Terminal

The terminal development will involve the construction of a jetty to be located inside a sheltered bay, sharing the existing trestle of the actual Terminal. It is proposed that a 170.000 m3 FSRU will stay permanently moored to the jetty and will receive LNG carriers to be moored “ship to ship” to her.

It is required to analyze the nautical feasibility of the installation of the LNG Terminal at the site location in terms of required navigable areas and safety of the operations.

For the development of the study, Real-Time Ship Manoeuvre Simulations were carried out in Siport21 Simulation Center. The use of this tool will allow a more accurate study of the safe navigation and manoeuvring conditions, verifying navigable areas (navigation channel, turning basin and berthing area), define operational limits and marking and leading lights recommendations.

The manoeuvres were conducted by Siport21 Captains, and specialists from the energy company attended as observers, using a streaming system.


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