AIS data in navigable areas design to reduce riskiest zones


Presented in XVI ATPYC Young Professionals Conference

When AIS Data are included in the optimization of navigable areas, it is possible to reduce the riskiest areas to navigation, according to the methodology applied by Siport21. This methodology was presented in XVI ATPYC Young Professionals Conference.

Traditionally, AIS data are used during maritime works, accident investigations, manoeuvres analysis or evaluation of traffic density. Nowadays, the company adds these data in the assessment of navigational areas, combined with real-time ship manoeuvring simulation and information collected from Port Pilots, in order to obtain a complete and reliable description of the execution of the manoeuvres.

In subsequent phases, the results of the studies can be compared to real manoeuvres when new works or operational measures are implemented in order to check their efficiency. Thus, the safety in the navigation is increased.

In the port of Pasaia (Spain), as an example, the company has carried out this kind of project. The Port Authority has foreseen the installation of new aids of navigation. In order to validate them, it has been necessary to collect together Port Pilots experience, AIS Data and the know-how of the company.

In the last phase, the results obtained in this study have been compared with the detailed analysis of AIS Data, collected in the last year in the Port. The final results have confirmed their set up in order to improve the safety and efficiency in the maritime navigation.


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