Vessel classification developed aimed at the best selection of the design vessel for maritime infrastructure

Siport21 has developed a design vessel classification which aim is to make easier the best vessel selection for maritime infrastructure design. The correct selection of the design vessel is a key factor to optimize port works and to correctly estimate risk levels and nautical safety, as well as to consider other relevant parameters involved in the design, such as navigable area, depth requirement, accessibility and operability, etc.

Traditionally, vessels have been classified depending on either the type of cargo that they carry and their displacement: high-density or low-density cargo. Moreover, there have been classifications based on their characteristics: dimensions, capacity or trade routes.

The classification, presented by Siport21 in the Spanish Coastal and Port Congress, expects to standardize the basic characteristics of the vessels, taking into account the access limits of significant trade routes, like Panama Canal, Suez Canal or the strait of Malacca.

So, it will be easier to select the adequate vessel -depending on her typology and dimensions- in order to carry out maritime-port engineering studies.

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