European Union supports “Safeport”, the smart system development designed by Siport21

Based on the SME instrument of Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework Programme, the European Union has approved the investment for developing the first phase of  Smart System for the Evaluation and Control of Maritime Safety in Port Access and Operation, named as Safeport©.

Safeport© is designed to provide the port/terminal authority with decision-making tools for the management of safety and efficiency with regard to the access and/or ship operation in Port, in real-time, as well as the analysis and management of emergencies. This system closely follows the Industry 4.0 and Port of the Future concept.

Under the name Safeport©, registered trademark, the system integrates all the information related to the port, ship and meteo data; it takes efficient advantage of the set of available analyses and technical studies; it provides more detailed and well-informed operational rules for ships; it reduces discretion in the application, and considers a higher number of relevant variables (vessels-waves-meteo). All of those are based on the intensive use of simulation, modelling, and virtual media.

This European project is connected to AIRIS II (CEF-UE), which has as main objective to integrate the synchromodality between sea and land transport (ships, trains and lorries) in the supervision of the waterway and the management of operations at the docks. Siport21 is also involved in this project, led by the Port Authority of Seville.


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