Improve safety in ship manoeuvring, the main aim of the Training Programmes of Siport21 Simulation Center

The main aim of the Training Programmes of Siport21 Real-Time Simulation Center is to improve safety in ship manoeuvring, through the familiarization of the seafarers with the navigation and manoeuvring areas, under the local conditions of each port. These courses facilitate as well communication and coordination with local Pilots.

The company, who has already achieved the number of 1.400 seafarers trained in their Simulation Center, offers tailor-made training programs based on the needs of the client. Moreover, these courses, approved by DNV-GL, include building new scenarios and specific ships.

During the last year, Siport21 Real-Time Ship Simulation Center has trained more than 100 captains and officers from 19 international shipping companies, most of them related to Liquefied Natural Gas transport.

Also, the company has designed tailor-made training programs for 29 pilots from 9 ports in Spain, Morocco, Cuba, Argentina, Turkey, Norway and Greece. In these cases, the pilots collaborated with the technical team of Siport21 in the feasibility assessment of new infrastructures or upgrading of actual facilities. The access of new larger vessels or the management of new traffics, usually involving dangerous goods, is the objective of other projects.

The number of these activities has increased during the last years in response to the concern related to maritime safety and improvement of quality of the Captains, Officers and Pilot’s training. These training courses provide seafarers with more confidence and knowledge in new maritime operations or in emergency scenarios.

IMO (International Maritime Organization) recommends the use of simulators for training of seafarers in the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978.



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