Presented LNG bunkering operations methodology and its application in Ferrol

During the 14th Spanish Coastal and Port Engineering Congress held in Alicante, Siport21 presented the Risk Assessment of LNG Bunkering Maritime Operations. This methodology was applied in a study requested by the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao in accordance with Reganosa, with the aim to develop a LNG Hub in the in the Atlantic Coast of Spain.

This study was focused on the feasibility analysis of bunker vessels operation from a perspective of Nautical Risk Assessment (design vessel manoeuvring strategies, navigation areas, layout configuration, tug and pilotage requirements, answer to emergencies) both in ports and anchorage areas.

In particular, the Project comprises the state of the art of the LNG bunkering fleet, the review of regulations for dangerous goods vessels in the area, the description of bunker vessel movements from Reganosa Terminal to the bunkering area planned (anchorage area in Ares Estuary) and the evaluation of operation limits. As a result, an Operation Procedure was defined considering the propulsion and steering capacity of the LNG bunker vessel.

In addition, the report developed a qualitative risk assessment, based on the analysis of a wide range of emergency situations. The result showed that the risk level is acceptable (ALARP level), and risk reduction measures were defined in addition for a progressive implementation.



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