Siport21 becomes a member of PIANC WG to update guidelines for the design of fender systems

Marine fenders are a critical component in maritime infrastructure, absorbing the energy of vessels during berthing and while moored, and protecting both vessels and berth structures from damage. For this reason, their performance and correct selection are of paramount importance.

In 2002, PIANC published a guideline for the design of fender systems. This guide will be updated by this new Working Group, in which Siport21 is participating, and will include more advanced performance factors for manufacturing tolerances, temperature and berthing velocity.

The new guideline will include an update the basis of design; review recent research by fender manufacturers; update guidance in relation to durability and performance review in relation to testing procedures for fender materials and fender performance; provide guidance on design of other fender system components including facing panels, chains and fixings; provide guidance on durability, maintenance and repair of fender system components; also, provide guidance on the implications of automated mooring systems used in conjunction with fender systems.

Up to twenty world-leading experts on navigation and port design (ports, engineering companies, construction companies and fender manufactures) make up the PIANC Working Group, including one member from Siport21.


Since its establishment, Siport21 spends significant resources in participating in congresses, working groups and research projects, to allow it to be in the forefront of this knowledge and specialization area: ship manoeuvring and ship dynamics.

Nowadays Siport21 is part of other PIANC Working Groups: “Ship Handling Simulation Dedicated to Channel and Harbour Design”, “Berthing Velocities and Fender Design”, “Mooring of Large Ships at Quay Walls” and “Development of a Proposal of Inland Waterway Classification for South America” and the updating of “Guidelines for the Design of Fender Systems” and “Criteria for Acceptable Movement of Ships at Berths”.

Pioneer in the installation and implementation of numerical ship manoeuvring models and ship manoeuvring simulators in a private company in Spain. Since 1999, Siport21 has developed close to 1.000 technical studies spread out over almost all the Spanish coast and they have worked in 46 other countries.


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