Siport21 conducts a training course for generating real-time ship manoeuvring numerical models to CEDEX

Responding to CEDEX request (Public Works Experimental Research Center), Siport21 has conducted an introductory course for generating real-time ship manoeuvring numerical models. These models are used in port design studies.

The training programme, which has been satisfactory for CEDEX, has emphasized the definition of most important parameters and forces to build a ship numerical model; adjust the model from a reference ship; steps to follow in order to build a specific model; and consideration of different kinds of propulsion and steering systems.

Siport21 was selected to carry out this course due to the wide experience of their naval architects, more than 20 years using numerical ship models. This experience has allowed the construction of a fleet of more than 200 ships of different traffics (container ships, cruise vessels, LNG carriers, car-carriers, ferries, etc.). These models have been validated in numerous projects. Also, the company has participated in different international working groups related to ship manoeuvring simulation.

These kinds of courses add up to training programmes of the company to seafarers as tailor-made courses in the Simulation Center and Maritime Resource Management.


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