Siport21 presents a Smart System to improve decision making related to the access and/or the operation of vessels at LNG Terminal

During the 3rd International Congress of Safety in Ports, held in A Coruña (Spain), Siport21 has presented a smart system, aimed at improving decision making related to the access and/or the operation of vessels at port.

This smart system for the evaluation and control of maritime safety at Terminals is a main tool for the optimization of ship operations, in particular, LNG Terminals. Also, this tool will improve the control of operational limits, increase the port capacity, define the tug requirements and aids of navigation, and optimize the development of new infrastructures.

The program -intended for Port Authorities, Maritime Authorities, Terminal Operators, Port Pilot Organizations or Shipping companies, among others- is based on the improved management of ship operations and safety both in the nautical access to ports and specialized terminals and during the stay and operation of ships at berth, including additional tug assistance or response to oil spills.

The company has presented a partial implementation in order to characterize the behaviour of moored ships in the Outer Port of A Coruña. This project had the objective of define the operational limit conditions, quantify the level of availability of the terminals and assess the impact of future modifications of the port.

To this aim, it was necessary to carry out a measurement campaign to characterize the behaviour of the moored ships in the Outer Port of A Coruña, using “GPSFlot”. A sophisticated GPS RTK system was used to measure the motions of moored vessels under the action of waves and wind in six degrees of freedom with a high degree of accuracy. This equipment was developed by Siport21.

The company is working to apply this system on a global level in several ports, both national and international.


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