Siport21 presents four safety improvement projects in Cruise Terminals

Due to the considerable increase in the size of the cruise vessels, Terminals had to implement different safety measures from the nautical point of view. Related to this measures, Siport21 has developed projects to adjust existing port infrastructures in order to allow the maritime access, optimization of the berthing and mooring systems of the Terminals and the assessment of the geometric compatibility for embarking and disembarking gangways. These projects have been presented in the Second Cruises and Ferries International Conference, held in Madrid.

Sometimes, large cruise vessels have difficulties in the maritime access to ports.  Using the Real-Time Maneuvering Simulator Center of Siport21 as an analysis tool, the navigable space is evaluated according to the weather conditions of the area, taking into account a maximum occupancy level of the adjacent quays.

On the other hand, in some Terminals it has been necessary to evaluate the existing mooring system and fenders in order to adapt them for larger vessels, in order to improve the arrangement and optimize their configuration.

The geometric compatibility of the ship is also evaluated with the gangways for embarking and disembarking. Possible interference between the ship superstructure and the port facilities at the terminal has been checked.

Finally, as the cruise fleet increases, many ports want to increase their capacity of vessels moored simultaneously in the smallest possible space. This requires berths with small distance between different ships (alignment in the quay) and bollard sharing be arranged, especially for larger vessels. Siport21 uses some analysis tools and a set of working methodologies to allow analyzing these difficulties and solving them


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