New system for LNG Transfer using a FSRU. Bahia Blanca Terminal. Argentina

Authors: José R. Iribarren 1, Carlos Cal1, Luis López1, Adolfo Carlos Ibáñez2, Carlos Weis2, Jorge Zickermann3, Josu Murguialday3

1 Siport21. Chile, 8. 28290 Las Matas (Madrid, Spain)

2 YPF,


These projects present the methodology and main results of a wide set of studies requested by Repsol-Gas Natural LNG and YPF. The aim of the studies was the analysis of mooring conditions of a FSRU (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit) at Mega Terminal in the Port of Bahia Blanca (Argentina) and FSRU+LNG ship-to-ship combination, in order to evaluate the feasibility of LNG transfer operations under different conditions. Siport21 analyzed as well the hydrodynamic effects of passing ships on the moored vessels.

In addition, a ship manoeuvring simulation study was developed to evaluate the maritime access to Mega Terminal, both by FSRU and LNG vessels of 138.000 m3 capacity. The analysis evaluated the feasibility of maritime access in relation to the dimensions of the navigation and manoeuvring areas, considering both normal and emergency manoeuvres. The study has been carried out using Siport21 real-time manoeuvring simulator, developed by MARIN-MSCN (The Netherlands), and the Numerical Autopilot Model SHIPMA, developed by Delft Hydraulics (The Netherlands), to analyze a large number of emergency manoeuvres.

 It is very important to emphasize that these projects involve the participation of a wide technical staff, managed by Repsol-Gas Natural LNG and YPF. Many companies and organizations have collaborated: Repsol-YPF (Argentina), Mega (Argentina), Excelerate Energy (USA), Exmar (Belgium), Naviera Elcano (Spain), Knutsen OAS España (Spain), Teekay (Spain), Skaugen (Norway), Consorcio de Gestión del Puerto de Bahía Blanca CGPBB (Argentina), Prefectura Naval Argentina (Argentina), Meridian Maritime (Argentina), Siport21 (Spain).


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