Numerical Model of Moored Ship

The aim of this model is the analysis of mooring conditions of a ship either in operating conditions (loading/unloading) or survival conditions (limits for stay at berth). The model calculates ship movements and the forces on mooring lines and fenders under specific weather and sea conditions. The main application is the design and optimisation of moorings in harbours and at sea terminals.

Ship-Moorings was developed by Alkyon (Hydraulic Consultancy & Research, The Netherlands). It is a computer program that simulates the behaviour of a moored ship or a floating moored object under conditions of wind, waves and current. The equations of motion for the ship are solved considering 6 degrees of freedom (surge, sway, heave, roll, pitch, yaw). A time-domain approach is used and no limitations exist for motion amplitudes.

Shipmooring Video

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