Siport21 carried out ship manoeuvring studies and navigation areas analysis to improve the access channel and reorganization of Port of Pasaia

The port-maritime engineering company, Siport21, carried out ship manoeuvring studies and navigation areas analysis to improve the access channel and the reorganization of Port of Pasaia. This project will allow taking future decisions for the exploitation of the port by the Port Authority.

The aims of the project were to analyze the future extension of the current limits of length, draft, and schedule of arrivals/departures; to facilitate the access of larger vessels at the Lezo basin of the Port; to consolidate the actual traffics and reorganize the uses; to attend new needs of Ro-Ro Terminal, and take advantage of the opportunity to attract new traffics (containers and potash).

Siport21 developed the ship manoeuvring studies in the real-time ship simulator, where local Pilots carried out all the manoeuvres to verify the access of foreseen traffic in maximum occupation situation at the Port of Pasaia. 

After ship manoeuvring sessions, local Pilots improved their knowledge about the new vessels and maritime access conditions, different strategies, and situations, therefore they will provide more safety in the execution of manoeuvres.

Additionally, for the design vessels, the company carried out a detailed draught analysis using Siport21 in-house probabilistic tool SONDA21, which applies a methodology based on Monte Carlo integration methods.

These studies are part of the tender “Feasibility Study for the Improvement of Navigability (Lezo Channel)” awarded to the consortium created by Ingenieria Especializada, Obra Civil e Industrial (Acciona Ingenieria), ALG-Indra Business Consulting and Siport21.


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