Siport21’s Simulation Center, at full capacity, carries out the navigation studies for the extension of the Port of Bastia (Corsica)

Siport21 is carrying out -in its Ship Manoeuvring Simulation Center- the navigation studies for the extension of the Port of Bastia (Corsica), which will allow increasing the capacity for cruises and ferries access. This study is being carried out with the collaboration between a local Pilot, technical staff from the Port, and the company SOFID, in charge of the engineering project. This project was developed following the health authority recommendations related to preventing COVID.

The project aims to evaluate two extension designs, in addition to others studied beforehand in a French Simulation Center. In order to analyze the access of cruise vessels up to 280 meters length and ferries up to 240 meters length at the Port of Bastia, two virtual models of the project design proposed have been built to be verified by the Local Pilot, the engineering company, and Siport21 technical team.

Siport21 reopened their Real-Time Ship Manoeuvring Simulation Center last July -after the state of alarm-. Since then some Training courses for LNG vessel Captains have been developed and new simulation sessions will be shortly carried out, related to projects in Buenaventura (Colombia), Huelva and Fuerteventura (Spain). The company will guarantee the sanitary conditions needed for their development.

On the other hand, the company followed its activity with projects in ports of Morocco, Philippines, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. They are also improving their live video streaming system as an alternative to presential simulations.


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